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Embossing Rollers & Engraving Technology


Rollers for various and several applications such as: any tissue converted products, artificial leather, leather, wallcovering, floor covering, plastic film for furniture, leather and artificial leather, technical film, shower panel box, coated film, release paper, cigarette paper, cardboard, aluminium foil, any kind of plastics material, nonwovens, ultrasonic applications, coated textiles, glass, acrylic glass, textile,etc


Anilox Rollers - Chrome Plated


Chrome-plated anilox rolls mechanically engraved from 5 l/cm to 160 l/cm in different engraving pattern as quadragravure, pyramid, hexagonal, trihelical,reverse

Rollers for cardboard printing, flexible packaging, labels, lacquering, coating with silicon, glue,hotmelt, lamination of all kinds, impregnation etc.
Glue rolls, doctor rolls. Mechanical engraving on steel-  nichel- and copper). Mechanical engraving for the flexographic industry.


Anilox Rollers & Sleeves - Ceramic Coated


Anilox rollers & sleeves ceramic coated from 30 l/cm to more than 700 l/cm with possibility to nickel-coating treatment ( anti-corrosive )
Laser engraved ceramic anilox rollers and sleeves for high quality flexo-printing, coating with lacquer, hotmelt and glue, lamination of all kinds, impregnation, etc


Paper Roll


New manufacturing and re-covering of existent rolls. Paper covering as counter-roll to steel embossing rolls to produce napkins, table-cloth in rolls and cutted, aluminium, etc.

Available in different features concerning paper composition and hardness value ( 70-90 Shore ).


Design Service for Printing & Embossing


Development to any customers' needs; possibility to choose from our 15.000, wide embossing designs collection, re-production,

ornamental designs, tissue and nonwoven designs


Rubber Roll


New manufacturing

and re-covering of existent rolls:
rubber coverings as counter-rolls with different characterics: high mechanical resistance, resistance to solvents, heat resistance, anti-static formula, high volume features.

Different hardness available from 40 to 100 Shore


Cylinder Manufacture


All above mentioned cylinders can be manufactured into our inside mechanical department according to technical drawings in several width and external diameter. Repairs of bearing sites.


Doctor Blades


Doctor blades made in steel, stainless steel and polyester available in different thickness and width to sell in carton box and/or required cutted pieces.

Scraping blades with edges sharpened at 90° ( all size available) for flexoprinting application.

Steel doctor blades with round edges for tissue application.

Plastic doctor blades with round edges or edge sharpened bevel at 90°.


Embossing Plates


Plates for leather, plastic material, flooring, wood, rubber, etc.


Industrial Coatings


Industrial coatings as tungsten-carbide in order to give extreme resistance to wearness with plasma spray and HVOF technology system.